Monday, September 15, 2008

No Shirt?

If you live somewhere in the Midwest I'm positive you felt the effects of Ike like we did. It was so windy it was unbelievable. Around our neighborhood a lot of smaller branches have been knocked loose from the trees and have fallen to the ground. We were fortunate in the fact that we did not loose power. A couple of times last night the lights flickered and I was certain the power would follow soon afterward. To my surprise it did not.
This evening while we were waiting for the soup to finish its course of cooking on the stove top, Delilah and I were watch the traffic past our house and we noticed our neighbor outside picking up sticks, he eventually got around to mowing his yard. Now, this particular neighbor likes to mow his yard and do yard work with his shirt off. Amazingly he does not have a tan from the whole summer of mowing his yard with out a shirt. It doesn't bother us that he mows his yard with out a shirt. But today, as I mentioned earlier in this post he was outside with out his shirt on and it was like 64 degrees. So I decided to head outside after dinner while he was finishing up mowing his lawn. I had my shorts and t-shirt on and I felt it was chilly.