Monday, September 22, 2008

The Blue Car

For a couple of months now, we have noticed a guy driving blue Corolla doing laps past our house. For example, he drove past our house at 12:02 pm and 12:08 pm and 12:12 pm one afternoon. Last week I ran a few errands after picking up Jude from school. I tend to back into our driveway and into the garage to make easier to get the kids out and when leaving. I pulled up to the curb and started backing into the driveway and noticed the blue car pass me. Ah ha, I thought. I decided to follow the blue to see where exactly it goes on these laps he takes. So I followed it. 2 right turns, 6 left turns and 9 minutes later I was back in front of our house following the blue car on a second lap. On the second trip around he cut his route short and I saw him turning into his driveway.

His routine does not just happen once a day. I have noticed him driving past our house on 3 separate occurrences during various days. He usually drives past twice but sometimes he will drive past 3 times during each occurrence. We can hear his music blasting and see him smoking his cigarettes. He likes to listen to an array of music from classical to rock.

Oh, the things we see from the Porthole.


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