Friday, October 17, 2008

The Season of Fall

There hasn't been to much going on around here from the Porthole. The neighbor sill mows his yard with his shirt off and the blue car still doing 2 or 3 laps in about 10 minutes a couple of times a day. I told Delilah that one of these days when I'm outside and see him coming down the road I'm going to position myself at the intersection and ask loudly what the deal is with him doing laps past my house. I almost had the opportunity to do it but I couldn't get to the intersection in time. Speaking of Delilah, I asked her contribute to this blog and she has yet to do so.
We were taking a walk several weeks ago and the neighbors diagonally across the street from us ran into us and commented on the yard. They said that the yard we starting to look really nice. I'm glad they are happy with the progress made so far.
Like I said there hasn't been much to observe through the porthole.